torsdag 11 februari 2010


Well, a several weeks ago I participated in an Apocalypse game at Games Workshop Oslo. This was a freaking huge game, with at least 10 players per side. I don't think anyone even kept count on how many points every player brought to the table! It was a somewhat failed experience because there was too many people in the store, and we had time limits on our turns, so a lot of turns we didn't even make it to the assault phase (where I could shine). But it was an intresting experience with a lot of cool models and formations. The mission was somewhat impossible (for both sides). It was Tyranids VS Imperium (with a fraction of Chaos Daemons). The Tyranids objective was to destroy every super-heavy vehicle (wich there were a lot of), while the Imperium had to kill ALL the Tyranids on the table. The tyranids also had a respawn rule on everything save Gargantuan creatures, meaning that the Imperium had to wipe the Tyranids in one turn! I didn't like those odds...

All players deploy their forces!

-Imperial Turn 1-
Since I didn't have time to keep track of what all 20+ players did, I just kept track of what my forces were up to, and some major events. What happened in the first turn was that the Imperium killed the Harridan, and it didn't even get do a single thing. Brought down by 2-3 super-heavies, and the owner brought down by the situation :)
An'ggrath the Unbound was summoned on the west side of the table and immediatly threw both his axes on a large Forge World spore mine, destroying it. What he wasn't prepared for was that it detonated and was replaced by 5 smaller spore mines. On the east side 2 units of Bloodletters and the pack of Flesh Hounds was summoned to form a vanguard for the Imperial Guard.

An'ggrath destroys a spore mine.

The mighty Harridan, destroyed!

-Tyranids Turn 1-
The Tyranids ran forward, closing in on the Imperials. On the west side, the 5 spore mines drifted towards An'ggrath and detonated near him. Such small things didn't even bother the mighty Daemonlord! None wounded him, because none had the strength to even notch his armor! This event gave the Daemonlord the nickname "An'ggrath the Minesweeper". On the east side, the Bloodletters and Hounds was charged by Tyranid warriors and a Hive Tyrant. They managed to kill 7 Bloodletters, leaving only the iconbearer left, and also fell 3 hounds.
An'ggrath was charged by a group of genestealers, but we didn't have the time to play that round of combat.

"Tyranids incoming!"

-Imperium Turn 2-
The only thing I got in from reserves was a unit of Bloodletters, and they used the the icon from the last Bloodletter from one of the units, reinforcing their ranks and hoping they had enough fury to bring down the Hive Tyrant. The Chapter Masters of the Space Wolves managed to kill a Trygon that had emerged from the grounds. An'ggrath took 2 wounds from the Genestealers rending claws, and he managed to kill 4 in return.

Mighty Chapter Masters.

-Tyranids Turn 2-
Almost all tyranids was now within Charge range. The only thing happening for the daemons was that the Genestealers tried to claw at An'ggrath, failing to wound him. He killed 4 more this turn, and then he punished 2 more for loosing this close combat turn.

Turn 2 saw An'ggrath taking two wounds and killing 10 Genestealers!

-Imperium Turn 3-
Turn 3 was the worst turn ever! I got no reserves, and the time expired before we got to the assault phase! ...Yeah, that was it!

-Tyranids Turn 3-
The Tyranids turn 3 was a little better! An'ggrath was charged by a large group of Tyranid Warriors, a Mawloc and the legendary Swarmlord! None managed to wound the mighty Daemonlord, and An'ggrath focused all his attacks on the Swarmlord, making this an epic last stand between legends! An'ggrath managed to inflict 3 wounds on the alien, and since he lost the combat he had to take 3 armor saves. Failing them, the Swarmlord fell to the ground!
Khorne had prevailed! Blood for the Blood God!!

Blood for the Blood God!!!

And there we go! That was all the time we had, and the game ended (not very surprisingly) in a draw. The Tyranids didn't destroy a single Super-heavy vehicle, and the Imperium didn't manage to kill all the respawning Tyranids. It was fun smoehow, but next time we will have to play a smaller game. 5 persons per side should be enough, and make sure it doesn't take place in a Games Workshop store, at least not while the store is open :)

I also want to appologize for not updating the blog sooner. I have been busy, and I just got my internet back. I will try to update every week, but I'm up to here with work. My future plans in 40k is finishing my Slaanesh Daemonettes and making a more mixed army. I'm placing an order for a Forge World Nurgle Daemon Prince, just because the model is cool and because Nurgle Princes are awsome in game.

That's it for now!

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  1. Is An'ggrath counting as a normal hq? Because if you had him in a normal game you would probably win realy easy.