onsdag 4 november 2009

As promised!

Well, it isn't a lot, but at least I got one picture of my Forge World Daemonprince.
Hope you all like it, 'cause it took me a long time to paint it, and it took me like forever to get a picture posted!

In other news, I caught word of a guy who's selling the Forge World Bloodthirster. I
noticed that the guy was selling the Bloodthirster at almost full price. Well, it had very minor damage (wich the previous owner had repaired very well), and he had removed all the mould lines and flash from the figure. Besides that, I didn't have to wait for the figure to be shipped from the UK, I didn't have to pay the shipping fee, and I got it a wee bit cheaper than the original price. Totally worth it! The reason he was selling it: The figure was too large of a project for him, and I totally understand him. The figure is huge, and very difficult to assemble. Luckily I have the patience for it!

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