söndag 8 november 2009

An'ggrath the Unbound!

I bought the FW Bloodthirster, and got it all prepped up. Now I only have to finish basing it and undercoat it. Here are som WIP pictures. It's freakin' huge!

The picture below shows how I started to green stuff the back. The wings didn't fit at all, so i had to green stuff it first, pin the wings, then green stuff the gaps! Took me a while.

The only thing that hasn't been glued yet is the whip. I dont know how I want it. Do I want it like he is about to whip something, with the whip up, or like he IS whipping something, with the whip pointing forward.

I built the base on a CD, then used two plates from the Warhammer Fantasy Movement Trays set. First I just cut out one layer, then i cut the small squares individually for the second layer. I did this so I could trim the edges to make it look like high quality plates, as if the Bloodthirster was standing in a room of a ruined city. Around the hooves I only put one layer of plates to give the impression of the Bloodthirster landing on the floor, and his weight crushing the expensive tiles. This will be improved with small plate bits and sand.

And at last, a picture showing the green stuff finishes on the back, to cover the gap between the wings and the body. Untill next time!


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