onsdag 29 juli 2009

Fury of Khorne - part 2

Here's the follow-up on my Khorne-post.
Not entirely done with my Bloodletter yet, but I'll explain what I've done so far, and what the rest of the plan is like.

After I was done with the skin, I painted the horns and quill-thing on the back Chaos Black. The horns was hard to blend, so I just washed them several times with Badab Black, and gave the tips a final touch of Chaos Black. This was then highlighted by drybrushing Shadow Grey/Chaos Black. The tounges was painted with Necron Abyss, and will be highlighted by mixing Elf Flesh in the paint. The eyes will be Skull White dots, and the teeth will be dots of Dheneb Stone. All Khorne runes, metal horns and sword handles was painted Dwarf Bronze and will be washed with Devlan Mud, highlighted Shining Gold then washed again with Badab Black. The base was painted with Chardon Granite, and will recieve two drybrush highlights, first Codex Grey, then Fortress Grey. I'm not sure what to do about the banner yet...

And about the "Paint an Army" competition, the local store has changed the rules a bit. First, it was ment to be 500 points, wich for me translated into 2*8 Bloodletters, 1 Herald and 8 Flesh Hounds. Now they say that most people don't have the time for that amount, so they changed it to 2 Troops/Core and one hero/HQ. That is what I'm currently painting. My 21 Bloodletters are two units of 10 and one Herald.

From the left: Bloodletter, Icon Bearer, Herald, Musician.

So, I will give it my best and complete the unit. If I have the time, wich I probably will, I will downgrade my Herald to a Blodletter Champion, and give command to a Bloodthirster to increase my chances of winning.

And that's it for today's post. As usual, I will update the blog when I'm progressing on the Bloodletters, wich should be around the weekend. Working my last weekend as bartender, so I have to see how much time there is over.

The Mighty Bloodthirster, ready for a paintjob!

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