lördag 10 oktober 2015

Nurgle VS Nurgle Battle report

It's a sad day today, because last week I had an awesome game against Per-Kenneth, we took alot of pictures between the turns and had a nice day.
However, I forgot to wrtie down the events of the game, scoreboard, and we should have taken pictures after each PLAYER turn instead of game turn...
So, here are some of the hihglights of our 3000pts Nurgle VS Nurgle game!

The game was a narrative scenario, based on the sighting of a Herald who had been wandering the city ruins, spreading plague and nurglings all over. These little nurglings were to be the objectives for the chaos lords.

The gaming table is set up! Take a good look, because it's the last time you will see it. A lot of the terrain has been donated to a gaming club, and the board itself is getting a new paintjob to match with my other realm of battle. Anyway, we rolled for deployment and had to set up diagonally, which was a lot of fun! you got the feeling that you used more of the table in this way.

One major event in the game was PK's Nurgle bikers charging my gunline. Plaguemarines, Bikes, Plaguebearers, Beasts, Chaos Marines, Heralds, a lot of units joined the huge close combat. In the end, I managed to destroy the bikes and got the Chaos Marines on the run.

PK seems to have problem figuring out how to most effectively use his bikes. I showed him how!
After they had been used as weapon platforms behind the defence line, they zoomed out and put their meltaguns to good use. A land raider and a forgefiend was destroyed as a result.

We did our very best to get our Chaos Lords into a challenge! Being equipped with only a power sword, Lord Golesh failed to wound Lord Incineratus (who was clad in terminator armour!(Cheater! Proxy!)). Lord Incineratus put his Black Mace (more proxy!) into good use and almost killed Lord Golesh. A Plague Champion managed to perform a heroic intervention and gave his life for his lord. Very cowardly on Golesh's behalf, but what do you expect from a Chaos Lord?

Really intense game that ended 8-6 in my favour! Both chaos lords survived the game, and according to our agreement, they will then get to keep their chaos boons for our next game! Not bad, considering I got Eternal Warrior...

Now, time for sleep!


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