söndag 20 september 2015

WIP - Preparing more Death Guard!

Seems like I've been bitten by the Nurgle-bug again, because I've started adding more stuff to my already huge force! 500 points more and I'll have a 10.000 point list!

The Shaman - Nurgle Sorcerer in terminator armour.
Converted using parts from the Blightkings and Maggoth Lords.
Awaiting Shoulder pads from Forge World.

The Shaman's base has a little ritual going on, with a spell familiar watching his back.

And my third (fourth with my Ferrum Infernus) Helbute!
Awaiting arms from Forge World.

In a weeks time I have a huge 3k game againts Per-Kenneth. PK also plays Nurgle Chaos Marines, so it's going to be very interesting to see the outcome of this game! It will basically boil down to "who knows this army best". I have finished a couple of new units for this game, which I will show off next week before the game, with a nice battle report in 2 weeks time.

Until then!

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