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Battle Report: 3 way Free for all!

It's not very often I get to have a Saturday off work, but I got one and decided to invite my friends Helge and Rebecca for a game. The original plan was for a fourth man, Mikkel, to join and have a larger 4 way game, but work got in the way. So we decided to play a 3 way game, 1000pts each!

The rules are from the 5th ed rulebook, taken from memory.
Everyone got a "corner" each, with an objective in the middle. The player who held the centre objective on the last turn would be the victor.

We set up the table with a lot of terrain blocking line of sight.

Helge had by far the largest force with his Tyranids.

And I had by far the smallest, counting only 12 models from Cult Mechanicus.

Rebecca's Iron warriors, with a lvl 3 Sorcerer and a Chaos Lord in terminator armour.

Helge infiltrated his Genestealers very close to my deployment zone, ready to pounce!

Helge went first, moving up his Genestealers towards my force, and moving his main army towards Rebecca's lines.

The Kataphrons moves up and open fire on the Genestealers, taking down some of their numbers.

The Iron warriors opened fire on the Hormagaunts killing several of their numbers, meanwhile the predator managed to kill the Venomthrope, denying Helge his Shrouded save.
End of turn 1 - Battlefield overview

 Since Helge went first in turn 1, he automatically went last in turn 2. Rebecca won the roll-off and went first.

The Iron Warriors continue to lay down heavy fire on the hormagaunts, now within better range!

The predator sniped a lone Datasmith that was stood on the wrong side of the ruin walls. Can you even see him at that distance?

The Kataphrons moved into better positions and eliminated the Xeno threat harassing them.

The Kastellan Robots opened fire on the Iron warriors, killing 4 of their legionnaires. The casualties put the Kataphron out of range though...

Losing his Genestealers, Helge now focussed his main force on Rebeccas Iron Warriors.

End of turn 2 - Overview

 The roll-off was now between me and Helge. This time I got to go first!

The Kastellan Robots sniped the Hive Tyrant, killing all his Tyrant Guard and inflicting a wound on the beast.

Meanwhile the Kataphrons moved into position and took out several more Iron Warriors and Terminators.

The Hormagaunts are finally within range to charge the Iron Warriors! The lone survivor of the charge managed to cut down a nid before he was swarmed.

The Sorcerer and surviving squad opens fire on the Hormagaunts, while the predator blew the brains out on one of the Zoanthropes.

End turn 3 - Overview

 Rebecca won the roll-off for turn 4, and quickly moved her figures away from the Hormagaunts!

The Terminators tried to hide from the overwhelming firepower of the Mechanicus, and ran straight into the Hive Tyrant!

To Rebecca's and my amusement, Helge failed the charge roll with the Tyrant, allowing me to take out a couple of more wounds of it with my Robots.

End of turn 4 - Overview

It was my turn to go first again, so I moved towards the objective, knowing the game would soon be over.

A bloody turn 5! The Robots killed the Hive Tyrant, while the Kataphrons killed the Carnifex AND destroyed the Predator.

Helge, also sensing the end drawing near, charged the Robots despite him knowing full well he couldn't hurt them. Rebecca just stood by the side, opening fire on the close combat.

End of turn 5 - Overview

 Rebecca did the honour of rolling for a turn 6, and also managed to roll for going first!

No more mrs nice girl! Rebecca harassed us with some plasma fire...

...and managed to kill the las Zoanthrope!
However, with me being next, I moved up my servitors and blasted rebeccas last units to pieces. The Kastellan Robots smashed the last gaunts to pieces, leaving me alone on the table with the objective.

And only one casualty!


Wow! That was a really fun game! We probably won't be playing this scenario again, as I belive it was designed for 5th edition and really doesn't translate well to 7th.
I don't regret trying this scenario though!

One of the best units in the game has to be the Predator. Sure, the Mechanicus dished out some serious firepower, but the predator had the best targets. Taking out the Venomthrope in turn one was essential, and the Datasmith in turn 2 was just plain mean!

Hopefully I get to have more awesome games like this in the future, and hopefully I'll remeber to take a lot of pictures!


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