måndag 27 juli 2015

Mechanicus - Done!

Took me about 2 months to finish. My 3000 points Mechanicus army from Forge World Metalica!

The Legion in all its glory!

An Imperial Knight in the colours of Metalica - reason pending...

Kastellan Robots are awesome! Might add more...

Vanguard, complete with transfers and trims on the cloaks.

Onager Dunecrawler - not the easiest thing to paint!

Kataphron Battle Servitors - The Ace in my army!

Ok, it's done, but there are still some details I could add. For example, different colours on the cables, weathering, and this one I hate: Highlight the black armour (gun casing etc).
So although it's waaay past tabletop, I might still work with this army for another while, so more pictures are coming!
What's next though? Blood Angels, Black Legion? Rumours say that Tzeentch is going to get a Daemonkin Codex soon, let's hope for that!


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