måndag 25 maj 2015

Battle for Zarona - Week 2 (3)

When I got back from the US we've had already chosen our next opponents. Mats and I was to fight but never found the time for a battle. Helge was to fight Rebecca. Playing to win, Helge brought his Imperial Chaos Knight and utterly crushed Rebecca, claiming a Space Port tile!

We started Turn 3 right away, where Helge challenged me. Rebecca and Mats didn't find the time to play a game this week and forfeited.

Some new buildings for my table, along the new promethium pipes.
Have been adding some more building tho my table. I have enough, but I want buildings that show things happening, not just L-shaped ruins...

Woop! 4 (useless) boons for a favoured Chaos Champion!
My Plaguemarine Champion rolled several boons before the game. Unfortunatly they were all pretty useless for this game... +1 BS would be nice, or +1 S on a ranged weapon...

Helge moves his Chaos Marines into, hiding from the Obliterators.

Reaper is charged by the possessed. Not so easy to kill as he thought...

Death Guard and World Eaters are on the move!
All in all a very intense game! It looked very hard in the beginning, with Helge charging my Spawn with a Helbrute, and having a Land Raider filled with Berzerkers. In the end however, I managed to summon several units of daemons, swamp his units, blast his armour and even kill his (free) Bloodthirster! Death Guard now has the larger Empire, so I will challenge Mats to a game!

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