onsdag 1 augusti 2012

Apocalypse - Total massacre!

Was thinking I should probably post some pictures from my last Apocalypse game against Mons.

 Mons' Revenant Titan (He is the only friend who owns a Titan). It caused a lot of damage to my army!

 This is all the casualties from turn 1! most of them suffered from the Titan.

 The Eldars pop up from a tunnel to destroy the assault squad and The Sanguinor.

 To our surprise, The Sanguinor saved all wounds taken from the wraithguards. Not only that, but the Assault marine in front with the meltagun saved 8 wounds and several 'Feel no Pain' saves! Survivor of the match!

I surprised Mons by deep-striking the 'Dante's Sanguine Host' formation near the Titan. They don't scatter, and are allowed to assault on arrival. They charged the Titan, which performed a Stomp attack, killing Dante and several Sanguinary Guards. I took a lot of casualties, but in the end I managed to bring it down!

Rory is planning a game next week, don't know when, where or what I'll be playing, but knowing the crowd, it will be a great game!

But next week I'll post pictures of my progress of my gaming table.

Until next time!


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