onsdag 20 juni 2012

Zone Mortalis - Part 2: Doomed project?

Since last post I've been working a lot on my Zone Mortalis table. I used several modular movement trays as floor tiles.

I made some brick wall pieces to get more details.

I made some doors that are removable.

I used filler to give texture to the walls, then all hell broke loose...
The PVA glue didn't hold the floor tiles to the wooden base, so I had to remove them all. They left a thin, ugly layer of dried PVA glue that is very difficult to remove. I tried using a hot glue gun, but that's the worst kind of glue I've ever used. I don't like that at all. On top of that, the filler I use as texture warped the walls!!

So, feeling very down, I considered throwing away the project, but I had simply used to much time to just throw it away, so for the next set, I used extra support beams.

After that, I invited Rik for a game. Spamming flamers (on both sides) made the game short and boring.
I think playing a normal game of 40k on this board will be better, or maybe the "close quarter action" mission from the Games Workshop wesite.

Gamin on the table was perhaps what I needed to get my motivation going. I Continued building the tiles and I even made some details. Like this library.

Right now I'm working on the texture for the last tiles, and I have invited Rory for a game this weekend. See the battle report next time!!


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