onsdag 13 juni 2012

Zone Mortalis: Part 1

Are you like me and had a major Nerdgasm when you saw this picture released by Forge World?

Picture is a Forge World Copyright. Used without permission.

Rik know a guy who is a carpenter who was able to get me 9 plates in the same size as a Zone Mortalis board. I knew I had to make my own.

I just started with drawing the walls on the plates to get a sense of how I was going to make the board.

Actually, it don't have to be more complicated than this. Mons and I played a game or two on the board, and we had a blast!!

Although it worked just fine to play on with just the drawings, I'm not going to stop there. After a lot of thinking about which style I wanted to make my board, I settled for a dungeon table.

 The first tile, the dungeon cells.
And here's the first Zone Mortalis set! I think I will make them 4 at a time. Now when the walls are done, I just have to work on the floor tiles, wall textures and details!

Feast your eyes, and keep a look out for more Zone Mortalis!


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