fredag 27 maj 2011

New photo format

Hi everybody!

It seems I'm getting nowhere with my Blood Angels, and that would be because I'm still painting the Assault on Black Reach box. The orks are all finished (except for some details) and I have just started painting the Space Marines. I've run into some problems here: I don't know which chapter they should belong to.
Since the box is made for introgaming, I have a few things I want to apply:

*They should be from a first founding chapter (or a famous successor chapter).
*They should display bright colours (to attract attention from customers).
*They should not be Ultramarines (Because I want to show people that the figures don't have to painted like the ones on the box).

So I tried painting some in Crimson Fist colours. They are not so bright colours, but I figured I'd use bright highlights and the red hand would be a bright contrast.
Unfortunatly, I used Necron Abyss as basecoat, and it is way to dark. They now look black with blue highlights. I tried Mordian blue, but it looked to much like Ultramarines, so I shaded it with Badab Black, and it worked out pretty ok. Maybe I'll go for that scheme.

But enough of my work, and onto my hobby. Here are the pictures I have been working on. More pictures will come when I have the time to photograph some.

Oh, and quick before I go, I have begun painting the rest of the 3rd company (50% left), and I am making some progress. Have converted some figures that look really awesome, and I will show them of ASAP. Until then.


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