måndag 25 april 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
Unfortunatly, I have some bad news. As you probably have noticed, the blog haven't been updated in a long time. I simply find it hard to think of things to write about, and I seldome have time to actually sit down and write.

I'm not giving up on this blog, I will just have to cut down on the posts. So instead of updating (almost) once per week, I will update whenever I have time and material to post.

I finally got a job at Games Workshop, as a Hobby Trainer. This means that I now have 3 started boxes to paint and use in intro gaming. As you can see I have to put my personal hobby on hold for a while. Whenever I have some time over, I have to paint Orks from the Black Reach box, so no more Blood Angels for a while :(

Painting Orks is fun though! To get everything done quickly and nice, I have made a three-colour system. I choose to paint the Orks in Goff colours, so I will only have to paint them in three colours, shade and highlight them to get them finished. When the entire box is done, I will concentrate on the details.

I got a mini photo studio from König, and I highly recomend it for everybody who is all for taking good photos of your minis. I am currently editing some of the photos, and will post pictures when I'm done.

Most of the pictures will be in this format, but editing the pictures takes more time than just shooting and posting, so this is also a good reason to cut down the posts.

Also got some terrain and am building a Jungle world terrain board. Pics of this will also be posted as I progress.

Until next time then!

P.S. Just found out that "Until" is only spelled with one "l".

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  1. Oi gitz! Not enuff pikturs off us! Lets get 'im!