torsdag 17 mars 2011

Progress march 2011

Sorry for the delay, here's what's been on my desk the last two weeks.

The second tactical squad is completed, and I have already started on the 3rd squad. Have started working on some models from the 4th squad as well. Here's a preview.

This marine is the first marine from the 4th squad. The thought was to make an entire squad at ease, but now it seams that only a few will have that pose. The sergeant is also completed and I will show it off next week.

The Terminator Librarian from the Space Hulk box is finally completed, and I even made a nice lightning effect on the force weapon. This effect is actually used on every power weapon in the army. I was sick last weekend, so I had to stay at home and figured I could paint some details on my marines.

And here's something different. I have converted a small deathwatch Kill Team (complete with chapter specific shoulder pads and details) which I intend to use as Sternguard Veterans in some games, and I will try to use some homemade rules for them in Apocalypse.

And speaking of Sternguards, I've decided to increase my 5-man unit to a full 10-man squad! They have performed very well in every game and they are the perfect bodyguard for Captain Tycho. Here's one of the completed Sternguard. I have been getting an intrest for the Pre-Heresy, older pattern armours. This veteran is wearing a Mark III Iron Armour (converted proudly by your truly). I am also gathering bits to convert a Vanguard squad, and all of them are going to wear Corvus Armour and single-thrust jump packs.

We'll see how long it'll take before that unit is completed.
Until next week!


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