onsdag 15 september 2010


Last saturday we played Apocalypse at the local GW store. It started as three imperial players who wanted to play, and then 2 ork players showed up, and we decided to play a classic ork vs imperium scenario. Finally, I didn't have to play a silly imperium + tau vs tyranids + chaos...

The ork players managed to get 4000pts with a little help from the staff at the store. This included some tanks and a beautiful stompa!

The orks got a deployment zone featuring bastions and aegis defence lines, and everything was to be set up inside this zone. The Imperial lines got the rest.

The last player showed up in the middle of the deployment, so we decided that each player would get to make one 1000pts army each. We had 2 Blood Angels armies, one Space Wolf and one Imperial Guard Armoured company.

I tried to keep my squads close, but still spread them out. The Devastators set up in a ruined building where they could open fire from turn one, the tactical squad and sternguard was placed in the center, with Captain Tycho joining the sternguard. The sanguinary priest was deployed between the squads, behind a Leman Russ tank. This was to prevent him being shot at, and also so he would have a wider aura range, giving feel no pain to both the sternguard and tactical squad.

The highlight of the game was when my terminator squad joined forced with Logan Grimnar, a Stormcaller and a retinue of Wolf Guard Termiantors and halted The Green Tide! Aproximatly 100 orks was slain in a single round of close combat!

Well... not quite... We managed to kill several orks (about 40+) in a single round, and they managed only to kill a single Blood Angels Terminator. Since the Green Tide is fearless and lost with several wounds, they had to take the difference in armour saves. Being ork means your armour = paper. Enough failed to kill the entire group, and the Warboss. Oh happy days!

The batteries on my camera died midgame, so I couldn't take any pictures of the endgame. No need to though. Just look at the pictures and remove the orks LOL!
I lost 4 termiantors and some tactical marines. The other Blood Angels player lost an assault squad and a Land Raider. That was basically it. Everyone also got personal missions, and plus the objectives we managed to claim a 6-0 victory.

My mission was to kill a big mek, and have Tycho hold an objective. I managed to run with Tycho to the building held by the Devastators, so he joined the squad and became part in holding the objective.

The 25th I'm playing a 1500pts game agains Eldars. Hopefully I'll remember my camera and take some more pictures!

Untill next week!

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