söndag 29 november 2009

Chosen of Khorne!

We all have figures that we had to buy just because they are pure awsome. I know I at least have seen a lot of those kinds of figures: Eldar Harlequins, Space Marine Drop Pods, Ork Stompa, Imperial Guard Baneblade. The list goes on, but one figure I actually consider buying is Be’Lakor, Daemonprince in Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Now I don’t really know how big the model is, but I would guess that it’s smaller than the 40k Daemonprince but larger than the FW Khorne Herald, and (no doubt) smaller than the FW Daemonprince.

Imagine a Be’lakor figure with the wings removed. What would be appropritate to use it as? It looks to small for a prince (specially since I got Uraka), and too large for a Herald. While roaming through the Codex: Daemons pages I think I found how to use Be’lakor.

Proxy a Herald on Juggernaut!

This sounds like a great idea, but now I’m thinking about wich is best? A Daemon Prince or Herald on Juggernaut? The stats are almost the same, but some differences: The prince has higher WS, more wounds, and more attacks with the mark of Khorne. But if you try to upgrade them too look the same you have to get the prince Iron hide wich makes him cost 125 points. On top of that the Prince is a Monstrous Creature wich is a great anti-tank weapon. It’s actually one of the only anti-tank weapons in a Khorne army.

The herald of Khorne on juggernaut will cost you 105 points, then he will already have the Iron hide upgrade. This fellow will lose the Monstrous Creature rule, but will instead be an independent character, giving him the ability to hide in units of Bloodletters. This is actually a great asset, and considering that he has Furious Charge he will give the Blootletters unit a boost in close combat. One they probably won’t need, but anyway.

It’s hard to think that the point difference between an un-upgraded prince and a naked herald is a mere 10 points! That really makes you want to spend your points on princes and get 2 Bloodthirsters instead.

And don’t forget that you can get entire units of Bloodcrushers! Their stats aren’t as good as a Herald, but certainly not far from it!

So, your opinion is needed here. What would you get? A Herald on Juggernaut or a Daemonprince? Wich one will be most worth the points?

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