måndag 6 april 2015

Death Guard showcase

It's now 2 weeks ago since I posted last.
I'm working hard on my Black Legion, but I've promised myself to leave that army at work so I have a full 40k army ready for any occasion. And the BLack Legion is basically the only thing I want to work with right now, no inspiration for any other army at the moment (although I think I will be working a bit with my Blood Angels soon).

Well, I have to show something, so here's some showcase pictures of the Death Guard army in full strength!

Unpacking the army from my new Crusader Case.
The full Death Guard army, minus the daemons.

Necrosius the Undying and Golesh the Everliving.

Prince Siphistus and the daemonic engines of the Death Guard.

That's it for today! Next week I have planned a game against Helge Dahl, so next weeks update will probably feature a lot of gaming pictures.


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