söndag 26 april 2015

Battle for Zarona - Week 1

Welcome to Zarona, a planet covered by a dessert wasteland.
Don't let the surface fool you - it's rich in minerals and [CLASSIFIED].
The Adeptus Mechanicum has a strong foothold on this planet. Underground bases, mining facilities and research labs stretch for miles under the surface. Adeptus Astartes even send a lot of their Techmarine adepts to Zarona for training. The Iron Hands in particular have a large force deployed here.

Then Chaos invadeded.

3 large armies - The Death Guard, Iron Warriors and World Eaters all made planetfall at almost the same time. However, there didn't seem to be an alliance between the 3 former legions.

Week 1 - Campaign start.

Rebecca contemplates her next move, sending her terminators to engage the Helbrute trio.
The Death Guard fought the Iron Warriors. In the beginning of the battle the Iron Warriors had the advantage. However, that luck turned after Rebecca's Terminators had rampaged through a Rhino and a Helbrute. They charged the Vindicator and managed to roll surprisingly poorly to damage it! Needing at least 3 glancing hits (on a roll of 2+), she managed to roll 2 twos and tripple ones on five dice! The Vindicator backed up and obliterated the Terminators.

Mats's Skitarii and Iron Hands had to defend their underground facility against the World Eaters.
Since I was too focussed on my own game, I didn't manage to follow Mats's and Helges game, but it seemed to be a bloody one. Helge had a Contemptor dreadnought pitted against Mats's 2 Dreadnoughts. and towards the end game, a Bloodthirster made an entrance.

Map overview after first game.
A fun evening! I managed to claim a rouge tile from Rebecca on the right. Helge opted to try to claim a spaceport shielded by a Shield Generator. He was unable to claim it and had to retreat. Mats still has his spaceport although he lost the game.

I'll be going to the US next week for a nice vacation, so no updates here for at least 2 weeks.

After that we will resume the campaign!

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