fredag 21 oktober 2011

Apocalypse Markers

When we play Apocalypse we are always in need of objective markers, asset markers and so on. Since theese aren't available, I had to make them myself.

The first is the asset "Tunnels". A lot of tunnel entrances are scattered over the battlefield which are used as deployment zones for reserves. I couldn't find anything that I thought resembled tunnel entrances, but I found theese gadgets.

Theese are teleport homers from the Terminator kit, and no one uses them. Except for me of course... I thought they fit nicely with the Space Marine theme. Imagine scouts scouting the area several days before the battle, placing and hiding several homers which are used during the battle.

Second is the command-thingy from the bastion kit. I never use this, but Ludvig, my bitter nemesis, always choose this asset, so here it is.

Here are three objectives I made as army specific objectives for my Blood Angels. Nothing says "Important spot" as a banner, so the banner from the Sanguinary Guard planted on a base was a good choice. The two other are fallen Captains from the Space Marine Casualties kit. The one with the helmet, face down is a fallen captain. Not necessarily dead, so he have to be checked out. The one with the skull (dead, no doubt) is a captain who was charged with a box containing precious gene-seed. It must be retrived at all cost!

And last I will tell you how my latest GW mission went. Don't know if I have mentioned it, but I now work as a hobby trainer for Games Workshop. This means that I go to all kind of stores that sells GW products, teach the customers to play and paint. Love it, because I get to see a lot of Norway, meet a lot of intresting people and introduce future opponents to this wonderful hobby! We visited a small store a couple of weeks ago, had a blast and found a lot of out-of-production products, including a vortex grenade marker and a webway portal!!

It really made my day! beside the markers I also found several cans of roughcoat spray. But I am really looking forward to try the templates!

Until next time!

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