onsdag 6 oktober 2010


I'm currently planning what needs to be done for the articles in the Astronomican. I have made my armylist, and I have started prepping my units. Several are unpainted, and that won't do. Since I use a special mix for the Daemonettes basecoat, I figured I should paint all 20, although I only need 10 for this list. I don't want the Daemonettes to have different hues, so I think it's logical to paint them all in one go.

I also got myself a box of Horrors (really beautiful figures!), and a box of *secret* figures to convert Plaguebearers. As you probably understand, I will *not* explain here how I convert my Plaguebearers, but I will give you a guide of how I paint my Daemonettes and Horrors. Eventually, after they've appeared in the Astronomican, I will show pictures of the finished Plaguebearers.

A wild guess, no one is intrested in how I applied sand to the Horrors bases...
No? Good, that saves me the time of taking and posting pictures...

Next week I will start painting some of the units, so pray for pictures!

See you then!

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  1. cant wait for the next issue of the Astronomican